Lathe S500 / 125 CNC

Employment: Precision outer and inner shaping from steel, non-ferrous metal or plastic, boring and screwing. Applicable from single pieces up to serial production. Turning of the forms, maquettes and models with data translation from CAM systems. Tutorial and re-qualification works.

Lathe S500/125 CNC is controlled by the S2020 GRAPHIC CNC or Sinumerik 808D Turning system. The machine can be equipped with stepper motors or servomotors; eventually with system Sinumerik 828 or FANUC.

Technical data:   
Machine weight: 280 kg  
Power suply: 230V / 50Hz  
Total drive: 3,2 kW  
Dimensions: 1300 x 860 x 1400  
Supports:  Linear leading REXROTH  
Moving parts:   Ball screws REXROTH 
Technological data:    
Turning diameter above support:   160 mm  
Turning diameter above bed:   200 mm  
Spindle throughhole:   50 mm  
Turning length:   500 mm  
Working feed rate:  0,01 up to 3000 mm/min. continuous  
Position increment:   0,0025 mm 
Spindle nose: ISO 25  
Speed: 40 up to 3600 continuous  
Motor load: 1.1 / 2.2 kW 
Accessories:  Basic Tool Set  
Revolving tool head:  Automatic change for 6 tools  
Coolant attachment:  Coolant output is switched by the system  
Option:   Enhanced Tool Set 
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