sciFlexarrayer electronics

sciFlexarrayer S5 andS11 (see are powerfull dispensing systems for sharp pipetting of liquids in life science. Minimal dispensing volume is about 100 picoliters.

Up to 8 independent piezonozzles can work simultaneously, single drops are shoted with the frequency up to 5 kHz. Typical manipulator movement time is better then 100 ms, the drops placement accuracy is in the order of micrometers (adjustable).

Linear motors Bautz with the Kolmorgen Servostar 400 supply units are used for the X,Y manipulator, other functions are controlled by the CANopen nodes based on the CPU H8S/2636F. The CANopen fieldbus is connected to the host PC using the USB-CAN converter. Special Windows driver supports the high level user application.

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