IC inspection system TouchDown

IC testing micomanipulator control unit.

Micromanipulators Kammrath Weiss GmbH enable precise positioning of 1-6 needles for electrical tests inside the IC structures.

Standard 19” rack is equipped with 1-6 modules PIEZO. Power supply 220/110V 50/60 Hz, 200W, size: 448 x 400 x 133 mm. Weight 8-10kg (dep.the configuration). The unit can be operated from the remote handmode keyboard or from the host PC via the USB / CAN converter.

PIEZO Controller

Control module for the XYZ manipulator with piezo actuators optical encoders.

Count of driven axes:   3 (x,y,z)  
Power supply:   48V DC  
Motors:   Actuators PIEZOLEGS  
Encoders:   sin/cos 1Vpp  
Encoder resolution:   1,22 nm  
Communication:   CAN bus, protocol CANopen DS-402  
Applications:   Precise positioning, apert. diaphragm control 
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