Robot Simulator R32

The Robot Simulator R32 is a system for teaching robotics. It is delivered as a multi licensed program working with Windows® operating system. It features intuitive user interface with a 3D robot animation in real time.

The program describing the robot’s movement is created in the editor. The commands for linear and circle movement are supported as well as the partial movement of each robot arm. Commands for controlling the tentacle, working head and supplement commands are also included.

The graphic window shows the model of robot and its environment. The user can choose the robot type (e.g. manipulator, crane, Scara), dimensions and working limits of the arms. The working head can be a tentacle, welding head, spray or magnet. The environment definition allows assignment of type, size and number of moved items. There are also optional machines and palettes serving as destination for the transported items.

There are also operations like welding and lacquering. The R32 system can define the target surface for such operations. Also the ground and walls can be user defined. All other helpful features are included – mathematics support, context sensitive help, ease of use.

The importance of robotics in industry is growing. The Robot Simulator R32 follows this trend without the financial or learning expense.

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