S2020 lathe CNC system

S2020 GRAPHIC is universal lathe CNC system.

S2020 is running on the PC under Windows® operating system with all the benefits of this platform: huge memory, 3D graphics, easy network connection, etc. The system complies with DIN 66029 with powerful extensions like parametric programming and external machine cycles, new user defined cycles can be appended to the library. S2020 is compatible with most popular CAD/CAM and CNC systems.

The integrated CNC editor can open several files simultaneously and displays the code using customizable syntax highlighting. The editor shows a dynamic help depending on the entered text and is featured with advanced editing capabilities like commenting the text and placing bookmarks. It is possible to efficiently trace the CNC program with the help of powerful debugging module, evaluate and examine parameters, use the built-in calculator, etc.

The simulator uses a mathematical model to display the turning process continuously. This allows smooth zooming, collision calculation, surface roughness calculation, etc. Knife tools are drawn in DXF format, which enable unlimited tool sets. The 3D model is available at any time and shows the piece of work in two modes – normal and 3/4 cut view. The CNC program can be easily generated using the WOP.

The design of the machine control brings a good outline of running operations. The machine panel shows tool coordinates, remainder trajectory, spindle turn speed, tool number and corrections, global machine functions like cooling and lubrication and several other informations in a transparent view. The Exec mode easily allows entering a CNC command and immediately executing it. This feature is available in both simulation and machine control.

The S2020 system is very suitable for the CNC education and training; the multilicence of lathe simulator S2020 MULTI is fully compatible with the CNC system S2020 GRAPHIC.

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