Eth COM Communication module

Piggy-back module for completing with other funcional units like servodrives, I/O cards, etc. Equipped with the EtherCAT communication circuits and powerful DSP.

Commucation protocol:   EtherCAT  
Size:   90 x 70 mm  
Direct inputs / ouputs:   16 (configurable)  
Emulated bus:   CS, RD, WR, 4 * address, 8 * data  
A/D D/A Converter interface:   SPI, 4 select signals  
Programming, diagnostics:   JTAG, serial port  
Delivery:   TG Drives 

EthDIO-A Input Output Module

Together with communicating module EthCOM represents basic industrial PLC unit with 40 digital inputs a 24 digital outputs. This unit can be completed with the extension module EthDIO-B providing analog as well as next digital inputs an outputs.

Basic module configuration:   40 DI / 24 DO  
Size:   200 x 100 mm  
Power supply:   24V ss (18-30V toler.)  
Input protection:   Optoisol. 12-30V toler.  
Delivery:   TG Drives 

EthDIO-B Extension IO module

Extension module EthDIO-B provides next 8 digital inputs and 16 digital outputs, 4 analog inputs and 4 analog outputs. Placed as piggi-back on the basic card EthDIO-A.

Extension module:   8 DI / 16 DO  
Analog inputs:   4 * 0-10V / 12 bit  
Analog outputs:   4 * 0-10V / 12 bit  
Size:   100 x 90 mm  
Delivery:   TG Drives 
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